Mission, Vision and Values
SUNTEK CORPs objective is to become the most respected and admired Assessment & Training company and be the leading learning & recruitment solutions provider to the major IT companies and the technical institutions.

SUNTEK’s vision is to train 100000 individuals by 2025 and make them industry ready thus assisting the industry in minimizing the employability gap. We want to create a win-win situation for both the corporate and the institutions through an ethical environment where training and employment services lead future requirements.
The values that underpin SUNTEK CORP include fairness, respect, integrity and responsibility. These values are demonstrated by:
Providing quality services to public education and training, whether in the classroom, the office or the community
Being consistently honest, trustworthy and accountable;
Being courteous and responsive in dealing with others;
Making decisions that are procedurally fair to people and which avoid discrimination, for example, on grounds such as gender, race, religion and culture;
Promoting dignity and respect by avoiding behaviour which is, or might reasonably be perceived as, harassing, bullying or intimidating;
Maintaining professional relationships with students, colleagues and business partners;
Working collaboratively with colleagues to reach our common goals;
Maintaining and developing our professional and work practices;
Acknowledging our stakeholders as partners in our work;