Training Registrations
IT Employability Workshop is an exposure to application of concepts in C Programming, Data Structures, C++, UNIX, Java, DBMS and Web Technologies. The objective of the program is to enhance the skill levels of the aspirants in tandem with the industry and make them interview ready.
The workshop essentially follows the following process flow:
Awareness about Industry Expectations.
Pre-Assessment of Aspirants IT Skill Set.
Career Suitability Analysis.
Categorization based upon Performance.
Customization of Course Curriculum & Training Delivery.
Continuous Skill Assessment & Performance Analysis.
Continuous Emotional Counseling and Motivation.
Post Assessment of Skills Enhancement.
Certification for Successful Aspirants.
Representation of Certified Profiles to Companies.

A compact 2 Day(12 Hours)/ 6 Day(36 Hours) & 12 day(72 Hours) rigorous job readiness program for students with strong will, determination & acute dedication. The candidates are made to rigorously practice the questions of Level 3 & Level 4 difficulty. The program includes the advanced IT skills like Core/Adv. Java, MS.Net, Testing, Oracle etc. SUNTEK ensures that the entire program is continuously monitored, assessed, evaluated and directed by a highly trained team of professionals from the operational excellence background. All training programs conducted by SUNTEK are carried out as per the latest training methodologies. The program concludes with a workshop certification ceremony.