Corporate Profile
Suntek Corp is a Hiring Partner for Companies and a Training Partner for Institutions. The Ready-2- Hire Talent is Identified through Assessments or Built through Trainings and Sourced to Companies.SUNTEK CORP is a recognized Assessment & Training Organization known for its tailor made superior Assessment & Training program delivered by an enviable team of qualified, expert and highly experienced team. SUNTEK provides organizations, institutions & individuals with a complete and comprehensive suite of assessment and training offerings and modalities which includes instructor led, online and blended learning solutions. SUNTEK leads the path with new and innovative ways to further assist in up-skilling and empowering people with the best learning experience in the industry with a 3 stage IT Companies Training.Our consultative approach can transform your learning, training & recruitment challenges into DYNAMIC business positives. 

SUNTEK tailors its programs as a solution to address your business challenges by conducting state of the art Assessment & Recruitment. Our program guarantees an ROI on training investment to ensure that our program delivers real learning outcomes for the “Perfect Learning Balance”.
Our President & CEO
Venkat Kanchanapally

Our Founder & CEO is an enterprising individual with rich 15 years of experience into IT & Training. He is driven by the passion to contribute towards increasing employability among engineering students. He is driven by the desire to prove his ESD model, lead interesting, passionate and meaningful life. His story says one thing very clearly. You don’t need a fancy degree or a rich daddy to dream big and make it happen. It’s all in your head, your heart, your hands.